Coconut Tree Safety Nets in Bangalore

If there are coconut trees around your house or around your parking place, you can’t predict when the coconut can fall from a height. In any case, if it falls on your vehicle or on anything, it is dangerous. They are sturdy and very durable, which does not cause them to tear or break apart when several coconuts fall on them. The nets available at Coconut Tree Safety Nets in Arekere are made of excellent quality HDPE Nylon material, which can tolerate the weight and power of the falling coconut. When you install these nets around the coconut trees, then you can have peace of mind knowing that you are absolutely safe from any falling coconuts from the trees.

Coconuts falling freely from trees are quite common. In some uncertain conditions, it may fall down on tree passers’ heads or on cars parked underneath. This situation is not in our control. So we have a solution to avoid coconut free fall. We use a 2.5mm thick, 40mm gap HDPE Nylon Net which will withstand all weather conditions. We fix coconut tree nets in 2 types. 1.Using shade nets to avoid dust 2.Using Nylon Coconut Tree Safety Nets in Arekere to avoid fall protection

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